Essential Mani & Pedi               1 hour of services   65

Mani & Pedi Combo                                                     85
 One Hour Pedicure                          
1.5 hour of services
 Half Hour Manicure  


                       Essential Massage & Facial                                  90                      
 Half Hour  Massage                                                             
 Half Hour  Facial                                  
1 hour of services
                              Massage & Facial                                                         150                                  
 One Hour  Massage                                                        
 One Hour  Facial                           
2 hours of services
Couples Massage                                                              
                 2 - One Hour  Massages     
1 hour of services            160              


  2 - 90 min Massages           90 min of services            220

Couples Massage & Facial                                               

       2 One Hour  Massages                                                 280    
 2 One Hour  Facial                          
  2 hours of services
  Stones & Skin                                                                         
    One Hour Hot Stone Massage                                     180 
 One Hour Facial                                  
2 hours of services
De-Stress Express                                                      165
Half Hour Massage                            
2 hours of service
                     Half Hour Facial                            
             4 services!                           

Mani & Essential  Pedi                                                          
The Spa Day                                                                 220
One Hour  Massage                        
3 hours of service  
                 One Hour Facial                               
   3 services!                              

Mani and Pedi                                                                        

Here at Metro the Spa, we understand that getting massages and facials on a regular schedule is an important part of living a healthy life. It is our commitment to help you achieve that goal. So we are offering a $10 discount on, hour long or longer, massages or facials when you return within 30 days of your last visit with us.  Also there is a $5 discount for returning within 60 days. No contracts, no monthly memberships, no auto debits, just great services at great prices.
This discount are available after your first visit.